Know The Signs That It’s Time For Assisted Living

It must be a painful decision but it can be the best for now. For sure, the decision will be first met with resistance from our old folk but eventually, we will be understood later. It’s not that we are escaping from some responsibilities. As a child of an older adult, we want to give back the attention that our parents gave us when we were young. But in most cases, we may not be able to perform the best that we want to. Although we love to keep our old folks by our side, the lack of skill and time and our other responsibilities in life may not allow us.

With the following circumstances, it may really be the right time to accept that we may have to send our beloved old folk to an assisted living facility:

Worsening Health Condition

In-home care may allow a caregiver to visit at a predetermined time, but it may not be enough for a senior with lingering health problems. When the condition of your old folk is worsening, more comprehensive health care is needed. Assisted living facilities are better when health services are taken into consideration. They are staffed with health professionals that may be able to monitor your parent’s health.

Safety Concerns

If you think that it is not safe for your old folk to be living alone, it is enough reason to take him to a safer place. Seniors may lose their sense of balance, grips, and muscle strength, which could result in falls and injuries. It can be made worst if his home was not renovated to become senior-friendly. Climbing stairs will surely be a difficult task for seniors to do.

Grooming Difficulty

When a senior has difficulty with personal grooming, it can be evident with declining hygiene. Grooming, such as taking a bath and changing clothes, are aspects that aging individuals can have difficulty with. Declining physical abilities can be a factor but cognitive impairment can play a significant role. When your old folk is looking unkempt and smelling awful, these can be signs of self-neglect. It means that assistance is needed.

Other signs that may be related to this include malnutrition, unsanitary surroundings, rotten foods, non-functional utilities, cut-off services, and refusal to take medications. In assisted living facilities, assistance is given to ensure that your old folk gets all the attention on these needs.

Social Isolation

Social isolation can be intentional or is brought about by debilitating conditions. When a senior self-isolates, it can lead to more serious consequences. Problems with mobility, blindness, hearing difficulty, and cognition dysfunction are among the most common reasons seniors shun social activities.

When an old folk continues to have to self-isolate, his zest for life may decrease. In one study, seniors who live alone are predisposed to die earlier than those who are socially active.

Activities of Daily Living Becomes More Challenging

If you notice that your old folk’s activities of daily living are becoming fewer by the day, it may mean that he is now having difficulty doing those tasks. When this continues to happen, a senior may lose his self-esteem which can lead to more troubling consequences. When ADLs are becoming fewer because of physical and mental decline, assisted living can be the best way to help older adults with their daily life.

Non-Payment of Bills

If power is always cut off in your parent’s home, it may not mean that your old folk has gone bankrupt. It only shows that his forgetfulness is getting worse. Dementia is common in older citizens. It is the condition where memory is failing. When you suspect that your parent has memory loss, it means that he may not be able to take care of himself already. Getting him to an assisted living facility can be the best solution.

Poor Living Conditions

Dim lighting, clutters everywhere, molds on walls and ceiling, and pests like rats and cockroaches are characteristics of a poor living condition. If your parent’s home has turned into this, it means that physical and mental issues may be hampering him from doing home maintenance duties. Getting him to a clean and hazard-free environment should be a priority.

When looking for an assisted living facility, it matters that you know all the services being offered. This way, you know that your old folk will receive the proper assistance and care that he needs. And if possible, an assisted living facility that is near you should be your first option. That can be the reassurance that you can give to your old folk. That you are just around.