Stress Management Relieve With These Tips

All of us experience stress at some point. It could be due to a tight deadline at work, family feuds, financial crisis, and many other factors. I guess we could say that stress is a part of life. And it is important that you know how to cope. Otherwise, those stressors could adversely affect your health.

According to American Medical Association, about 80 percent of all diseases are caused by stress and strain that originate in the mind and reflect on the body. Even seniors are not exempted from this. In fact, they are considered the most vulnerable because of physical and mental decline.

The good news is that, if you know how to deal with stress, you can prevent it from taking its toll on your quality of life as well as on your health. Take a look at the following stress management tips:

Eat Healthy Foods

The benefits of a healthy diet are not all about losing weight or other physical effects. It also has something to do with your mental health. A lot of people think that eating sweets when they are stressed out or depressed will help. In a way, yes, it may help. But doing so has adverse effects, too. Talk about the sudden spike in your blood sugar levels, not to mention weight gain.

The best thing to do really is to indulge in healthy foods as this will surely boost your immune system, enhance your mood, lower your blood pressure, and lessen stress. With this, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, omega- 3 fatty acids could be your best friend. As much as possible, stay away from unnecessary snacking and processed foods. If you leave the house, make sure to bring some healthy snacks with you.

Exercise Regularly

It has been proven that exercise can help improve one’s mood. This is because when you are physically active, your body is triggered to release endorphins (the feel-good hormone) as well as endocannabinoids that aid in blocking pain. It can also naturally sedate you and improve your quality of sleep.

With better sleep, you can fight stressors. You would feel less anxious no matter what is going on around you. Keep in mind that when your body feels good, your mind tends to follow. So instead of dwelling on what is stressing you out, go for a walk or run. You can also engage in activities like cycling, swimming, dancing, and aerobics.

Get Enough Sleep

While it is true that it is hard to fall asleep when you are stressed, there are ways around this. You have to change your lifestyle or your daily routine. You can try setting up your room in such a way that it will be more relaxing and conducive for sleeping.

Other things that you can do to get better sleep is exercise regularly, get some sunlight, set a sleep schedule, get rid of distractions, and practice relaxation techniques or meditation. Yoga is a very useful practice. It can relax your body and mind.

Socialize More Often

As people age, they tend to isolate themselves. This could be due to the loss of acuity, hearing, vision, as well as memory. But doing this is not good at all. No matter what you are going through, you should never isolate yourself. Otherwise, you are allowing the stressors to take control of your life.

What you need to do is to connect with your family and friends. If you are living alone and they are far from you, you can always use technology to interact with them. If you are in a retirement community, hanging out with fellow seniors would help a lot, too.

Try Something New

After retirement, you have all the time in the world to try something new. Never think that this part of your life is the end of learning because it never is. Try to look for a new hobby, something that would make you want to get up eagerly in the morning. Learning and trying something new would certainly lessen the effects of stress.

Talk to a Professional

If you think that you are overwhelmed by stress, it is advisable that you talk to a health professional. That could be a symptom of an illness that you don’t know of. The doctor can then evaluate the signs and symptoms to see if there is an underlying condition. You will also be given some medications that would make you feel better.

Stress is a part of life. But it is something that can be avoided or at least managed. If you follow the stress management tips that we have highlighted above, you will be happier no matter what.