The Foods to Ensure You Have a Healthy Gut

As an individual ages, many changes in the body occur and this includes the digestive tract. Many digestive issues come with age and this may include constant bouts with constipation and diarrhea, acid reflux, sensitivity to medications, and reduced absorption of vitamins. You will also be predisposed to diverticulosis, non-alcoholic acid, and worst, colon cancer.

Problems with digestion may start to show when muscles slow down because of aging. It is compounded when essential acids in the stomach and intestines are becoming scarcer because of low production. To help maintain a healthy gut, eating the right foods can be of great help. But what are these foods?

Here is a list of powerful foods that can pave the way for a healthy digestive tract:


You must have heard already that yogurt is good for your tummy. Most individuals look for yogurt when they experience digestive tract issues. The benefits of yogurt are brought about by the good bacteria in it. These friendly bacteria are called probiotics. Live yogurt contains more probiotics than normal yogurt, so it is best to look for them for your daily dose. Pasteurized yogurt may have no beneficial effect on our gut because heat may kill the probiotics before they are placed in a bottle.

Knowing that yogurt also helps in bone and heart health, weight management, and immune system preservation should encourage older adults to take this power food regularly.


These fermented soya beans with rice or barley also contain good bacteria and enzymes. Accordingly, in places where miso is always at the dining table, it is reported that there is less incidence of gut issues and bowel problems. You should try miso in your soup, dressings, and dips. You can also use it to marinate fish. This can be the best option to avoid dairy products which are known to be not-so-friendly to our digestive tract.


This popular German dish of finely chopped and fermented cabbage is a rich source of fibers, vitamins, and probiotics. You will never regret incorporating this dish as it is very delectable. It is easy to prepare at home and you can serve it best with sausages. When buying processed sauerkraut, avoid those that are pickled with vinegar as some health benefits to your gut may be compromised.


The advantage of this yogurt drink is its flexibility. You can consume it directly from its bottle or use it in other ways to make delicious dishes. You can make it as the base for salad dressings or you can add it to make smoothies or soup. It is a great source of good bacteria.


You may not know that this spicy Korean dish also helps you with your gut problems. It is prepared by fermenting vegetables making sure that you have lots of fibers and vitamins. It is also rich in probiotics. To enjoy this dish, you can use it as a side dish in menus that consist of meat. You will love it also when you add it to your soup.


This Chinese fermented tea drink has a vinegary taste that is truly refreshing. You can add fruits and spices and can be used as the base for various cocktails. With its rich probiotic content, you should have this option to improve your gut health.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are like miniature cabbages with many health benefits. They are high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. It is reported that this vegetable can help reduce inflammation, maintain blood sugar, and fight cancer, particularly colon cancer.

Roquefort Cheese

We can get a boost of good bacteria if we have those French cheese on our dining table all the time. But when it comes to cheese, we should take them moderately. Some can also have stomach sensitivity when it comes to dairy products.

Olive Oil

It’s good to note that we have a cooking oil that is excellent for our digestive tract. This means that we do not have to do away with oil when cooking our favorite dishes. Olive oil is also excellent for salad bases. Because gut bacteria want to live in fatty environments, olive oil can just provide that in our stomach and intestines.

There are other food items that you can see readily in your kitchen but you may not know their benefits to your gut. Bananas, garlic, ginger, and peas are some of them. Because they are natural products, they will surely help you restore order in your gut without harmful effects.