The Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America in 2021

When it comes to our health, this is something we should not and never compromise. Going all through our mental health as well as our physical health, or simply our whole being. Keeping ourselves healthy is a necessity for us to go through life with ease. Imagine yourself working while something is going on inside your head- which will make you unfocused, or something is not right in your body. Your work will be ineffective. You simply cannot enjoy life if you are clouded with unnecessary things. This will only lead to distress.

Different factors will influence our health, and these factors can result in us being healthy or unhealthy.

Different Factors That Influence Our Health

Healthy Factors

  • Peaceful Surroundings 

This is one factor that will greatly influence your mental health. You want to live in a peaceful city to achieve such health in life. Or you want to surround yourself with less toxicity to avoid any distress.

  • Good Exercise 

As we all know, good exercise has a lot of good benefits. It controls weight, combats health condition and diseases, improves your mood, boosts your energy and also helps you to get better sleep.

  • Good Diet 

The more you eat healthy foods, the more you will achieve a supreme physique. The better your diet is, the healthier you will become. What we eat will define our health, simply because we need all these nutrients to sustain the cycle of our body- to keep it functional and well-balanced.

  • Rest

Simple as it may seem but this factor is a necessity. It is important to rest here and there especially, after heavy work. Resting will help your body to fix tissues so you will have the energy for the next activity. Overworking yourself won’t do you good.

  • Engage 

Although this may vary, engaging yourself with others will help your mental health- but it could also go wrong. Only engage yourself with people that will uplift you to greatness.

 Unhealthy Factors

  • Insufficient Sleep 

Sleep deprivation is fatal especially if this is prolonged. Researchers from Chicago suggest that lack of sleep will lead you to death. They can back up this data after they conducted a research subjected to rats in 1989. Eventually, after long days of no sleep, the rats died.

  • Bad Vices 

Vices such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake. These are dangerous not only for yourself but also for the people that surround you. Roughly 6 million died because of tobacco and 2.5 million for people with excessive alcohol intake worldwide.

The year 2020 is no doubt challenging and this resulted in the year 2021 to more complexity. Cities in America alone experienced great devastation.

In this article, we will list 10 healthy cities and 10 unhealthy cities in America. As we have mentioned, your surroundings will greatly influence your health. It is best to reside in cities with good healthcare facilities, low to zero percent of crime rates and simply the best location to spend the rest of your time, especially for elders.

We will also mention 10 unhealthy cities so you will have ideas as what city to avoid if not completely avoid.    

Healthy Cities in America in 2021

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. Denver, Colorado
  3. San Diego, California
  4. New York, Chicago
  5. Seattle, Washington State
  6. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  7. Austin, Texas
  8. Atlanta Georgia
  9. Miami, Florida
  10. Portland, Oregon

Unhealthy Cities in America in 2021

  1. Memphis, Tennessee
  2. Fort Smith, Arkansas
  3. Huntington, West Virginia
  4. Detroit, Michigan
  5. Shreveport, Louisiana
  6. Laredo, Texas
  7. Augusta, Georgia
  8. Brownsville, Texas
  9. Lubbock, Texas
  10. Gulfport, Mississippi

All cities mentioned have high ranks when it comes to providing healthcare to every individual. And all cities mention on the other hand received low numbers from the critique, the reason why these cities are considered unhealthy. But it could also vary- depending on the lifestyle of a person.

The Bottom Line

Deciding which city or location to reside in is something we should always consider. Of course, when we reach the age of retirement, we want a place that’s safe, healthy, and with good healthcare to assess our daily needs. We want peaceful surroundings to help elevate good mental health- especially with the things going on recently. 2020 took a toll on our health.

Hundreds of thousands of cities out there will greatly influence our health or our well-being. It’s up to us to decide what cities to consider. Live your life to the fullest; this will indeed help your health.