The Best Dating Sites Geared Towards Seniors

Dating has become the number one talk of the internet. Many people, including the elderly, teens, and baby boomers have shifted from traditional dating to online dating. If you do not have a partner, are not yet married, divorced, or widowed in your fifties; you need not worry. There are several sites there that are geared towards seniors.

Sometimes, people, especially seniors, hesitate to join dating sites. Their fear of logging in to dating sites intimidates and makes them uncomfortable. There could be a reason for this. Dating in the fifties can be a sweet and sour affair at the same time. You will find most of your peers are off the market already. The whole process may be a scary and awkward pain in the ass. However, we have listed the 8 best dating sites specifically to help seniors land on their first date.


Senior dates

eharmony tops the list of our eight top picks. This dating site has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate. It is perhaps, the largest dating site anyone can ever think of. Your chances of getting a date of your choice here are very high.

Deep into the matters of love and association, it is possible to find long-term love at eharmony. The site is constantly updated to keep up with the changing times. This brings more people who are typically looking for serious love on the platform.

Even though it may be more expensive than other sites, eharmony can help you hook up with the love of your life that you need to settle down with.


Senior Couple Enjoying Date in Park

Relationships sometimes can be destructive. People often find themselves in a happy marriage and a few years later divorce knocks at their door. Well, some of the victims have been battered by relationships into depression. Wonderful souls move on to the next match. If you are thinking of moving on and do not know where to start, sign into the SilverSingles dating site.

This site welcomes many senior singles with their intuitive and easy-to-use features. They have a video chat that makes the interactions more convenient. However, the SilverSingles free version doesn’t seem to offer much. So if you want to get your match think of its membership.


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The third site geared towards adults is match. This one has a growing population of 50 years plus looking for a soulmate. What exemplifies match is that it has made it easier to know who is serious about love and who is a joker. For free users, you can message your favorite picks and show them who you are. You can use the free feature for six months free until you get the first date.

The downside is that you sift through lots of picks to get the right match. This could be a wonderful feature for selective people.


Senior couple date drinking champagne on sailboat vacation

The fourth on our list is the EliteSingles dating site. As the name suggests, it is oriented to career people. It opens an opportunity window for people who mismanaged their career, money, and their relationships to date again. It has a wide base of more mature people but you may be restricted to a few matches a day.


Date of seniors

Bumble is a hit for shy men and choosy women. What separates Bumble from other dating sites is that women make the brazen first move. Obviously, they are avoiding the tiresome work of replying to random guys who may never be serious.

Even though it is restricted to women taking the first move, the advantage is that it eliminates fear in uncensored men. It also has a fast-paced environment where people mingle freely. Most importantly, it has a large user base.


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It is simpler to sign up to Zoosk than any other dating site. Because of its casual starter option, creating your profile at ZooSk takes absolutely no time. It is for those who want to sift through their favorite options without the pressure of going on a date.

It also has a large user base except that there are a lot of empty and ghost accounts. Besides, you pay almost instantly to do anything here.


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OurTime could be a good dating site to consider although it is infiltrated with dormant profiles and bots. Nonetheless, it is dedicated to singles over fifties and can upload your photos straight from Facebook.


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Finally, we have SeniorMatch. A spot-on website where you can locate younger and older dates. It has a large range of subscribers yet is easy to find a real date. You fill out a questionnaire to sign in to SeniorMatch. The questionnaire touches on many aspects including love and communication styles.

The downside is that it focuses on location more than compatibility.

The Bottom Line

Rather than living an old boring life, grab your match at any of these dating sites geared towards seniors. It can be stimulating to date online. You will meet new people and expand your range of contacts beyond your immediate circle of friends and acquaintances.