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The Best Wearable Tech Gadgets Geared Towards Seniors

We see wearable devices everywhere nowadays. It is a fad among our younger generation. Mostly, these wearables are used for entertainment purposes although some use them for work. But when you see wearable gadgets on seniors, you can know immediately that they are necessary.

While seniors can also use wearable devices for the same reasons as the younger generation, they are worn for more important reasons. Usually, seniors use them as medical alert devices, fitness trackers, vital signs monitoring, and mental health enhancers. In case, you are still wondering what these wearables are, here is a list that you should consider having for your old folks:

Fitbit Charge 3

Seniors are prone to sleeplessness which can be detrimental to their health in the long run. With Fitbit Charge 3, the sleeping pattern of seniors is monitored. This can give caregivers the idea of how to come up with programs that will improve the quality of sleep and rest among seniors. This wearable also has a calendar and weather updates.

This wearable device for seniors was voted as a fitness tracker for 2018 because of its senior-friendly features like easy-to-read backlit, connectivity to various apps, and long battery life.

Source: digital trends

Apple Watch 4

This wearable device for seniors can serve as ECG which is helpful for doctors, caregivers, and the senior wearing it. With the ECG waveform being automatically stored in the Health app of iPhone, information can be readily shared with attending doctors and health workers. This device also has a fall detection feature to caution the wearer of the risk. This watch will call emergency services and contacts if an immobile senior is in danger of falling.

Source: Apple

Garmin Vivosmart 3

This stylish fitness tracker monitor daily fitness activities, such as calories burned, the number of steps taken, etc. It can also calculate and display stress levels as it can efficiently track heart variability. With built-in guides on exercises for relaxation and stress relief, a senior can get the necessary help to live their life to the fullest.

Source: Wareable

Samsung Gear S3

The stylish design of this watch will surely make a senior wearing it more fashionable. It is like GPS technology on a watch with the difference that it can automatically notify emergency contacts. The wearer should be able to press the home button for predetermined contacts to know the exact location of the wearer. This will ensure that help is on the way.

Source: techcrunch

Freedom Guardian

This medical alert watch helps seniors manage daily tasks, like taking medications and going for check-ups. It also has a feature that will help locate the wearer. With large icons and a high-resolution touch screen, this watch is indeed senior-friendly.

Source: businesswire

Reemo Health Smartwatch

This smartwatch for seniors should never be out of your consideration if your folk has some medical conditions. It is designed to easily manage health data and share the information with the caregiver, family members, and the doctor. With round-the-clock customer support, a wearer will be able to access customer service and emergency operators.

Source: securitysafe

Mobile Help Smart

This medial alert watch has a more discreet design. It monitors the heart rate, daily activities, and diet which helps ensure a healthy lifestyle. It is can also connect automatically to emergency operators with a single press of a button with a built-in microphone and speaker.

Source: pcmag

TouchPoint for Calm

This is one of a few wearable devices for seniors that addresses the mental health of a senior wearing this watch. It helps seniors remain calm whenever they experience bouts of depression and anxiety. With its gentle micro-vibrations, the body’s response to stress is altered, thereby making the senior wearing it feel calmer.

Source: wareable

We all want our old folks to enjoy their twilight years. We want no risks and hazards to their fragile condition. With wearable devices, risks can be minimized while we can efficiently monitor their health conditions. Choosing the right wearable device for your old folk can help you realize these goals, but first, wearer education is a prerequisite. Your old folk should adapt to this technology and should be able to do their small but critical role to make these wearable technologies work to the maximum. Knowing how to press a button at the right time and place can make things work.

Have you decided which wearable device is right for your old folk? Better get it now. It will surely give you more peace of mind than you ever had before. Think that there is another eye watching over your old beloved folk.