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The Best Gift Ideas for Your Senior Loved Ones

It’s pure pleasure to receive gifts. It can make our day, especially if the gifts are unexpected. We feel loved and important when gifts come our way.

One of the most common manifestations of aging is depression. With declining physical and mental conditions, a senior may start to get lonely and will soon result in a decreased level of independence. Thinking of ways to inspire our elders and for them to regain their zest for life should be a top priority for children. Whether the elder folk is living somewhere in a senior care facility or in-home care, giving gifts to them will surely bring an older adult immense joy.

Choosing a gift to a senior may not be that easy. When you know your parents well, you also know what they like for a gift. But gifts to a senior should not always be that way. Buying gifts that help them live life a little easier will be better than an expensive piece of jewelry. Select gifts that will give them comfort, items that entertain them, or things that will help them form new hobbies. These gifts will surely make the remaining years of a senior more productive, enjoyable, and comfortable.

Here are some suggestions for the perfect gift that you can buy your beloved old folk:

Eyeglass Stand

If you have been living with your parents before moving to a place of your own, you must have had experienced many times being asked to find a misplaced eyeglass. If your old folk has this, the possibility of misplacing his eyepiece will never happen again as long as he always uses it. You can buy two to be placed in the living room and the bedroom. Eyeglass stands can come in various beautiful designs so they can be displayed conspicuously.

Source: Etsy

Shower Seat

Seniors’ growing difficulty with personal grooming can be alarming. They may avoid taking baths because of this. An older adult will surely have a hard time bathing while standing. By giving a shower seat as a gift, taking a bath may be more comfortable for your old folk to take a bath. You are also decreasing the possibility of fall and injury. If he is assisted, it will also be more comfortable for the caregiver too.

Source: womansworld

Armrest Organizer

An armrest organizer will help your aging parent to keep items in a designated place. This will prevent things from being misplaced. It will avoid the burden of finding things. If a senior may not locate an item he needs for the moment, it can lead to self-pity. Not being able to watch his favorite TV program because of a misplaced remote control can stress your old folk big time. Buy your old loved one an armrest organizer and he will be able to locate items more easily.


Source: galleon

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Older adults are also predisposed to respiratory tract infections. If your old folk has asthma, for example, sleeping well and having quality sleep can be hard to achieve. Giving a gift like a mosaic weighted blanket is an excellent idea. This special type of blanket has been proven to induce sleep. Giving gifts that will alleviate symptoms of health conditions will surely make a more comfortable life for our old folks.

Source: bestmattresses

Subscription Services

If your parent enjoys reading, subscribing to reading materials will help him continue doing his passion. It can be novels, periodicals, or newsletters. You can also subscribe to delivery services that cater to meal ingredients. This will ease up the burden of commuting and doing the grocery. Your old folk will surely find himself cooking once again. Just make sure you specify food items that your parent likes to cook and don’t forget to make it healthy.

Digital Photo Frame

This gift is a great way for parents who are living alone either in in-home care or in a facility away from family members. A digital photo frame will allow loved ones to share photos and videos to the Netplay frame from phones or e-mail. It can really help ease up feelings of sentimentality of a parent to be able to see updates of his children, grandchildren, and other loved ones.

Source: nymag

As our gifts to our beloved old folks can make them extremely happy, it surely also gives you immense pleasure of doing so. Material gifts are indeed excellent ways to show our love and care for our dear parents, but there can be no substitute when you find time to be at their sides and bond with them from time to time.