The Incredible Benefits of Smiling & Laughing

Before we proceed to provide the incredible benefits of smiling and laughing, let us introduce to you the most basic human emotions. We will touch this topic since it is most likely connected to the article itself and it’s best to know and to be aware of such human emotions.

These emotions are based on the theory of Robert Plutchik, a psychologist who invented the popular emotion wheel known as the Plutchik Wheel. This wheel has the 8 basic human emotions that that is arranged in opposite pairs (sadness to joy). According to Plutchik, these emotions can’t be experienced at the same time- which means you can’t feel joy if you are sad. 

The 8 Basic Human Emotions

Sadness – The state of feeling sad, also called “sorrow”. Sadness occurs on multiple occasions. For example, when you failed a test or someone you dearly love passed away. Sadness can be unpredictable and too much sadness can lead to distress- worse, death.

Anger – You will feel angry when someone does something bad to you or if they have done something bad to people close to you. We have this thing called “rage”, a stronger word for anger. Anger can actually help you solve such problems- if taken positively. But it can also be the cause of some serious problems if this emotion becomes excessive.

Joy – The emotion that occurs when you succeed or reach triumphant is called joy. You will feel “happy” or “gay” when things go the way you want. This emotion can be felt even in the slightest satisfaction such as succeeding a certain level of your favorite game. Feeling happy emits positive auras in which you can pass on to other people.

Disgust – This emotion can be triggered when you witness something offensive. You will feel disgusted even at the slightest touch, especially if you perceive this action as something not common to you. This emotion triggers other physical senses such as when you smell something awful (smell), when you taste foods, your sight, and even in sound (ear).

Trust – This is a positive emotion. This involves two or more people, the trustee and the trustor. Trust is quite sensitive. It can’t be easily built, especially if you have traumatizing experience. If trust is broken, it’s either you make it or lose it completely.

Anticipation – When looking forward to something happening, that feeling is called anticipation. When you anticipate your partner for greater things or when you anticipate yourself to top the exam. But this emotion is not always positive. Sometimes when you anticipate, you expect and expectation hurts if not met.

Fear – Fear is an unpleasant emotion. This could be triggered when you believe that something or someone is dangerous which can cause pain or threat.

Surprise – This could be taken in a positive and negative way. This is triggered when something happened unexpectedly.

Now let us talk about the main topic of this article. How can we be benefit from just smiling and laughing?

There is a difference between smiling and laughing. These two feelings can occur at the same time. Smiling is more of a positive experience. Your lips will curve and you will plaster a beautiful smile if you witness something beautiful. Laughing, on the other hand, can be associated with humor and comedy. We felt ticklish inside which makes us emit a sound that is called laughter. These feelings are contagious. When you see someone laughing or smiling, you cannot fight the urge to do the same.

The Benefits of Smiling and Laughing

In a scientific study, laughing and smiling emit endorphins. This chemical is essential in promoting the well-being of an individual since it’s a feel-good chemical. The following are the benefits;

  • Reduces pain
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Fights antibodies (leads to illness resistance)
  • Tricks your brain to boost energy and good mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Makes you look younger (smiling and laughing is a good exercise for the face)
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Prolongs life
  • Creates positive aura 
  • Eliminates blue feeling

Smiling and laughing are healthy for your body and your brain. They promote good mental health. There’s no reason for you to not smile and have a good laugh at least every day. Help yourself relieve stress. Help yourself to fight anxiety and depression. By smiling and laughing, you can help yourself forget your problems temporarily.

So the next time you feel sad or blue, force yourself to smile. Fake it until you make it. There are so many reasons to smile and laugh no matter what is going on around you.